Data Center Storage virtualization Data Center Asset Management

Automate your data center. Change and improve your processes.

Discover how data center solutions from HPT offers ways to build a next-generation data center and improve efficiency.

Simplify your storage infrastructure. Reduce risk.

Simplify your storage infrastructure as you reduce risk and increase operational efficiency through virtualization with VMware software.

Lower costs. Simplify operations and improve resource utilization.

Find out how storage and server virtualization solutions from HPT can lower your costs, simplify operations and improve resource utilization.

A full portfolio of professional services. Multi-ventor maintenance and support.

HPT offers a full portfolio of professional services including integration, enterprise storage and virtualization. Our maintenance and support services will help you with your IT support contracts and will provide you with multi-vendor support for your data center equipment.


Automated contract management, and more.

Does managing your data center assets take too much staff time and leave too many unanswered questions? For many organizations, the information on IT device location, warranties and configuration is located on paper copies in dozens of locations.

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High Performance Technologies

High Performance Technologies is one of the most respected providers of entire IT lifecycle solutions and services. HPT's engineers and architects are a family of skilled industry veterans well known for delivering custom, high-quality technology solutions including the assessment, design, implementation, support and management of IT assets.

Our solutions and services consistently provide operational efficiencies and bottom-line business value to the clients we serve.

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