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Reduce costs and increase efficiency, availability and flexibility.


Organizations of all sizes turn to virtualization to reduce costs and increase the efficiency, availability, and flexibility of IT operations. Many of these organizations are now also counting on virtualization solutions to help transition data centers to private cloud infrastructures that provide IT services on demand.

Storage can be an accelerator or inhibitor to achieving the benefits of a virtualized server, client, or cloud environment. You need storage optimized for virtualized environments that deliver the availability, efficiency, manageability, and performance required.

  • Performance to increase virtual machine consolidation ratios and meet virtual desktop user experience expectations
  • Efficiency to handle the storage growth that comes with virtual environments and maximize resource utilization
  • Availability that enhances the high availability capabilities of the virtualization platforms to eliminate planned and unplanned downtime and ensure rapid recovery from disasters
  • Simplified Management to simplify the convergence of the physical and virtual across storage, servers, and networking to deliver the flexibility and agility of virtualization

For Enterprises implementing a tiered-storage infrastructure, storage virtualization protects applications from the physical storage layer.

HPT can assist and provide full storage assessments and recommendations that will outline the organization’s risks and requirements for the company’s storage management strategy.