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HPT delivers storage efficiency and reliable data recovery.

Backup & Recovery

Backup and recovery is an important component of protecting your data. HPT’s Backup and recovery solutions will enable you to address many common problems IT manager’s face such as unexpected changes in data, a compromised system and loss of intellectual property and sales data.

The potential for liability and lost productivity is tremendous without backup and recovery. Additional challenges include: increased time and effort for backup and restoration, tape subsystem failures, incomplete backups and slow recovery of application specific data.

HPT’s solutions are proven in data centers and remote offices throughout the Southeast and include:

  • Consolidation and greening of backup environment
  • Specific backup solutions for applications like Exchange & SAP
  • Backup & Recovery Assessments to fulfill your RPO/RTO objectives
  • Reducing the amount of time and effort for backup and restoration processes through VTL and De-Duplication
  • Reducing and eliminating requirements for tape media

All of these solutions deliver storage efficiency and reliable data recovery with a high level of regard for cost. HPT will assess your system needs and provide solutions that enable you to quickly search for and locate data and provide fast and efficient recovery.