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Manage your moves efficiently and cost-effectively.

Data Center Relocation Services

Moving data center equipment can be a complicated, time-intensive task with a high risk of interrupting business continuity. Turn it over to the professionals who know how to help you get it right – the experienced relocation specialists at HPT Services.

HPT offers a comprehensive set of Relocation Services for moving facilities or technologies across the room, across the country or around the world. We can shoulder responsibility for any or every aspect of your move.

Start-to-finish relocation solutions

Available for single or multiple systems, entire data centers, or consolidation initiatives involving multiple data centers, HPT Relocation Services provide for end-to-end management of equipment relocation activities. Supported products include HP servers, workstations, thin clients, storage devices and networking and software products – as well as HP-supported hardware and software from other vendors.

Deliverables include:

  • Site evaluation
  • Relocation planning
  • Equipment de-installation
  • Equipment reinstallation
  • Repair/replacement insurance coverage
  • Equipment transportation

Custom services tailored to your unique requirements

HPT can meet your special needs with diverse custom services including custom-quoted fixed-price proposals, priority-one replacement of HP products (and many third-party products), mission-critical relocations with zero tolerance for downtime, short-term processing or storage capacity for use during your move and more.

Choose HPT Relocation Services when you need to:

  • Move heterogeneous systems, data centers or entire facilities
  • Consolidate data centers
  • Open new facilities
  • Close old facilities
  • Decrease business disruption during moves
  • Free key personnel to perform critical business functions
  • Eliminate budget overruns via predictable relocation costs