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HPT Professional Services

HPT’s Professional Services Organization designs and deploys big data solutions using the industry’s leading open architectures. From installation and configuration, to data migration, and ultimately tuning and optimization – HPT will work in any stage of your strategic data initiative. As an early adopter of Hadoop and other leading technologies, HPT provides seasoned expertise in the big data industry.

Harnessing the power of your data is not one-size-fits-all – it requires solution design which accounts for diverse data sources, heterogeneous technology, security, and high performance. HPT understands this and leverages design and engineering expertise to deliver truly optimized, end-to-end, big data projects. HPT’s Big Data consulting practice provides infrastructure assessments, solution design, data migration services, implementation, and knowledge transfer.

HPT’s expertise will help turn your data into a competitive advantage. Beginning with your use cases and strategic goals, HPT can provide a fully-documented, benchmarked, and production-ready framework that includes detailed procedures for ongoing platform maintenance and operations. HPT will benchmark and fine-tune your environment to prove the functionality and overall feasibility of your environment and your enterprise requirements. For more information, please contact to get started today.